Sometimes small contract players end up producing great results. Here are five players that balled out on a budget:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Case Keenum ($2Million, 3,547 yards, 22TDs, and 7INTS)

Case Keenum stepped up when Sam Bradford went down with a knee injury. The former University of Houston stand out showed all the skills that made him a star in college can translate over to the pros. Keenum was a huge reason why Minnesota ended up not only in the playoffs but in the NFC Championship game as well. At $2 million dollars per season Keenum has provided a big impact at a bargain price.*Note- Case Keenum is a free agent and should sign a bigger contract.

Alvin Kamara ($465K, 728 yards, 8 TDS)

Drafted in the 3rd round out of Tennessee Kamara only made $465K dollars during his first season of pro action. Thatā€™s very small for a player in the NFL but that didnā€™t stop Alvin Kamara from racking up 728 yards and 8 touchdowns for Sean Paytonā€™s offense. This kid is the ultimate skat back and he is absolutely lethal when he has the ball in his hands in space. Get used to seeing Kamara’s name in headlines because he has a bright future in this league.

Jarvis Landry (868K, 987 yards, 9 touchdowns)

The Miami Dolphins have been getting a massive amount of production from Jarvis Landry at a discount rate. Itā€™s kind of absurd the Dolphins are being hesitant about re-signing Landry considering he gave that team all he had while being paid a tiny contract for NFL standards. Pro Football is a business though and franchises will try to squeeze their players for everything they can. Jarvis Landry is a perfect example of that. Heā€™s been an elite receiver year in and year out.

Demarcus Lawrence($1.3 million, 14.5 sacks, and 58 tackles)

Demarcus ā€œTankā€ Lawrence emerged as a pass rushing machine this past season racking 14.5 sacks for the year (3rd in the NFL). The Cowboys were only paying Lawrence $1.3 million dollars per season but expect that to change now that Lawrence is a free agent. Still though, in 2017 Demarcus Lawrence brought the heat while inked to a small contract. Dallas will miss paying that tiny fee for such a big time player.

Marcus Peters ($1.7 million, 5 interceptions, 46 tackles)

Thereā€™s no better value than Peters because he has been statistically one of the best corners weā€™ve seen over his first 3 seasons.Marcus Peters has racked up an astonishing 19 interceptions from 2015 until now. The Kansas Chiefs are going to hate that we wrote this article because Peters is long overdue for a raise. It feels like the Chiefsā€™ front office might have some questions about his character but with production like that this team should have no concerns. As long as Marcus Peters donā€™t get into any legal trouble he certainly worth a big time contract because he can do things on the football field that most other players in the league canā€™t.

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