Sony Michel had an operation on his knee and it’s apparent the rookie running back has some ground to make up:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The New England Patriots felt good after the 2018 draft was finished. Bill Belichick selected Isaiah Wynn and Sony Michel early on and that seemed to be a successful night for this organization. However now Sony Michel is struggling a little bit and there’s definitely some concerns regarding the ball carrier’s health. Michel underwent a knee procedure and he’ll be out of action for at least the next ten days. Remember New England just cut Jordan Matthews because he had an injury so the coaching staff can’t be happy with Michel’s progress. To make matters even worse it seemed like the former Georgia running back’s feet were a little sluggish when he was a participant in camp. The Patriots have players like James White and Rex Burkhead who looked much smoother than Sony Michel did. Even though Michel is a rookie it appears he’s got a ways to go before he becomes a real contributor in this offense. Now maybe Sony Michel recovers sooner than expected and proves us all wrong at some point. At the moment though Michel is off to a slow start and that’s not how you want to kick off your NFL career. Obviously it’s too soon to label Michel a bust or anything like that but Belichick can’t be pleased and that’s never a good sign. With the bad momentum building against Michel he’ll have to bounce back and minimize it to the best of his abilities. Pro football is so competitive and there’s always some newcomer that is looking to take your job. Sony Michel has to prove his value to this franchise or things could spiral out of control before we know it. It’s happened so many times before in the NFL and that’s something the rookie has to be conscious of. This is such a huge opportunity for Michel and he has to find a way to make the most of it.

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Sony Michel is one rookie running back that has some ground to make up.

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