Speedy Receiver: Tyreek Hill went from a 5th round draft pick to the NFL’s best deep ball threat. There’s no guarding Hill in the vertical passing game.

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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They say chicks dig the long ball and if they do then Tyreek Hill must have a long line of groupies. Hill is the Chiefs most explosive wide receiver and a former 5th round draft pick out of the University of West Alabama. Since then Hill has hauled in 1,176 yards, 13TDs, and has been clocked in at over 21 miles per hour. It’s simple physics if Tyreek Hill can generate more power with his legs and can get up to faster speeds than most of the defenders. Then defenses are outgunned and that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing at Arrowhead Stadium for the past couple of years. Now Hill isn’t as polished when it comes to going over the middle or even some of the underneath stuff. It doesn’t really matter though players like Randy Moss made a living by getting behind the secondary and Hill is similar in that regard. The difference between both of those guys is their frames. Moss was skinny with long limbs whereas Hill is a short guy with a tree trunk lower body. Two totally different body types but the results are very much alike. Hill should also benefit greatly from Patrick Mahomes taking over Kansas City’s offense. Mahomes has exceptional arm strength and Andy Reid had to envision a few deep balls going to Hill for touchdowns when he decided to trade Alex Smith. Tyreek Hill is also much more experienced and confidant having gone over 1,000 yards for the first time in his career last season. The 24 year old knows he can have a huge impact on the game and it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch him compete in the future. The Chiefs might even take the next step. Mahomes and Sammy Watkins are going to add an extra gear to the passing game and Hill is ready to be the best version of himself. All signs point to things improving.

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Speedy Receiver: Tyreek Hill is the league’s best deep ball threat and he’s made a name for himself by taking the top off the defense.

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