Should the Steelers be shocked by how good T.J Watt is?

Author: Jon Kuzma

When a team evaluates a player. And then commits to drafting them. They obviously feel good about that person. Or they wouldn’t even be on their radar. But what T.J Watt has become. Has to be a little shocking for the Steelers. How often does lightning strike twice in one family? J.J Watt is one of the greatest players of all-time. So the chances of T.J Watt being at the same level. Are rather slim. Yet the younger Watt has carved out a name for himself too. And he’s done it by being a playmaker in the 3-4 defense. In that scheme your outside linebackers must have a relentless pursuit. Watt has shown he’s better than most of the other edge guys. Because he does it all. He can sniff out plays and put himself in position to get sacks. He can work a swim move and close in quickly. He can get off double teams and still get pressure. Those are things that helped the Steelers start 11-0 last year. It’s what happens when you hit it big on your draft picks. The Steelers certainly did that with Watt.

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