Sterling Shepard was carted off the practice field with a right ankle injury today, a loss that will definitely be a major setback for the Giants:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The New York Giants had a horrific scene at practice today when Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard was carted off the field with a right ankle injury. It appears Shepard came down awkwardly on on his foot which caused the ankle to twist and a couple of plays later the training staff was signaling for the cart. Make no mistake about it Shepard was a stand out player at previous practices this year. It was clear Shepard had made strides in his own development from last year to this year and you hate to see a player with so much upside go down with a health setback. Players in the National Football League work so hard to prepare themselves in the off-season and itā€™s a tough moment when all of those dreams can go out the window in an instant. Shepard was a significant contributor a season ago as a rookie, he recorded 683 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns. To think that he was going to be even better this upcoming season lets you know how much the Giants are going to miss Shepard if this injury is serious. The trio of Odell Beckham Jr, Brandon Marshall, and Sterling Shepard were going to overwhelm defenses on game day. Lets hope that this incident today isnā€™t anything serious and Shepard can comeback at some point before the season is over. The offense needs Shepard, and this football team definitely losses a gear when their second year receiver out of the University of Oklahoma isnā€™t out there working the route tree for them. Shepard is only 24 years old so he has plenty of time left to get things back on track if he has to sit out a year and recover. Ultimately getting healthy and taking rehabilitation seriously has to be the goal for number 87 of Big Blue and the Giants donā€™t want to rush this guy back too soon. Thereā€™s too much at stake to gamble on Shepardā€™s health, New York needs to take it slow and ease Shepard back into things when he is healthy enough to go.

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