Is Steve Wilks a better fit for the Panthers than Jim Harbaugh?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Look I love Jim Harbaugh. He’s done such a good job at Michigan. But I think Steve Wilks has earned the Panthers job. That team was so bad when Matt Rhule was there. When Wilks took over that team did a complete 180. It’s because they bought in to Wilks’ leadership. If David Tepper goes in a different direction than Wilks. Then that failure is on his hands. Since the Panthers would’ve won the NFC South if Wilks was their coach for the whole entire season. Tepper thinks that by going with Harbaugh it would be the best option for the team. However I think the most important thing is to listen to the players in the locker room. If Derrick Brown and the rest of these guys are making it clear that they want Wilks. Obviously that tells you something.

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