Super Bowl prediction: Andy Reid wins his first Vince Lombardi Trophy by leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a win over the Philadelphia Eagles

Photo credit: David Eulitt

Author: Jon Kuzma

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Better late than ever. Thatā€™s a good way to sum up Andy Reidā€™s 20 year quest for his first Super Bowl victory which will likely happen this season. Kansas Cityā€™s roster is stacked with talent and Reid gets so much out of his players.

The difference between this team and all of the others Reid has coached in the past is definitely the quarterback position. Donovan McNabb was outstanding and thatā€™s why the Eagles went to Super Bowl XXXIX when Reid was coaching there. However Patrick Mahomes is cut from a different cloth and heā€™s the one who can uplift the Chiefs to new heights. Whether itā€™s his ability to stretch the field with his incredible throwing power or the fact that he can drop no look dimes from any angle. Mahomes is truly special and Kansas City could be on the cusp of a dynasty. Another key role will be MeCole Hardman and the fact that heā€™s another guy who runs a 4.33 40 yard dash. Tyreek Hill could be even faster than Hardman but the two of them together will open up this offenseā€™s vertical passing attack. Not to mention either one of those players can be used on jet sweeps and bubble screens. Meaning thereā€™s so many options for Reid and his play calling should be better than ever. Weā€™re talking about a group that could average 30 points per game. It wonā€™t be easy to stop that juggernaut and the defense will be better than expected too. Everything seems to suggest that the Chiefs will win it all this year.

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Super Bowl prediction: Andy Reid and the Chiefs will probably win it all this year.

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