Taking the pressure off DeAndre Hopkins in Houston:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Houston Texans did everything they can to give DeAndre Hopkins a supporting cast around him. For the Texans that meant drafting Will Fuller and Braxton Miller to help avoid Hopkins from being doubled teamed. When you add in the Texans quarterback will be Brock Osweiler things are certainly looking better for the Texans offense. Hopkins was one of the best pass catchers in the league last season and the Texans desperately needed another wide receiver to contribute to those efforts. Now the Texans are hoping they will have two other players who can contribute to their passing game. Fuller was excellent at Notre Dame recording back to back 1,000 yard receiving seasons, while Miller was slowly emerging into a productive wide receiver. Now the Texans are hoping to use all 3 players in 3 wide receiver sets to create spacing on the field. That would mean teams will have to do extra coordination to stop the Texans big 3 in the passing game. Production wise this could go either way for Hopkins, he could improve from the other threats around him or he could regress due to less balls thrown his way. The Texans are hoping that those 3 players will mesh and the teams offense will improve on their 19th ranking that they finished with in 2015. Itā€™s clear talent wise the team is much improved at the quarterback and receiver position. Now itā€™s about coming out and executing in games. Sometimes teams are very talented on paper but donā€™t fulfill that potential because they donā€™t sync in and play like a sound unit. Donā€™t expect that to be the case with the Texans however, Bill Oā€™ Brien has slowly improved this team since he has got to Houston. It feels like he is the right guy for the job and the Texans will do everything they can to repeat as AFC South champions in 2016. Expect DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, and Braxton Miller to be a big reason they do so.

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