The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a splash by hiring Bruce Arians. The former Cardinals coach never had weapons like he does now:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Tampa Buccaneers had the number 1 passing offense in the league and the 3rd ranked total offense. With so many talented players on that side of the ball it’s makes sense that the Bucs hired Bruce Arians to be their next head coach. The Arizona Cardinals completely unraveled after Arians decided to abruptly retire. Looking back at that situation it’s clear that Arians was sick of carrying an organization who didn’t give him a fair chance at competing. Which is exactly why the 66 year old coach decided to return to the sidelines in West Florida. The only two playmakers the Cardinals had was David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. Now Arians has Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, O.J Howard, Cameron Brate, and could still keep DeSean Jackson. Make no mistake about it this move was about one thing, winning. Arians believes he can get back in the playoff hunt with so many weapons in his arsenal. Oh yea the defense is starting to improve a little bit too thanks to the additions of Jason Pierre-Paul and Vita Vea. So it was the perfect time to take over the reins for the Buccaneers and this is an upgrade over Dirk Koetter. There’s a level of respect that the players have for Arians that most other coaches can’t match. It’s because he’s such an authentic guy and he’s not going to BS you too much. Koetter is a great teacher when it comes to the x and os but Arians might be better in that area as well. Proving it’s an all-around improvement and the rest of the NFC South has been put on notice. Tampa Bay isn’t going to be a cake walk anymore and their whole organization will operate with a swagger now that they have the right leadership. You have to give this hiring an “A grade” and it’s a huge step in the right direction.

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Tampa Bay made a splash by hiring Bruce Arians. The Bucs are trending upward.

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