Tebow shines in final showing with the Eagles:


Tim Tebow has made the most of his NFL preseason action this year and it’ safe to say he done enough to earn a roster spot on this team. After a two year hiatus away from football Tebow is back and throwing passes better than ever. He completed two touchdown passes last night against the New York Jets. Looking at times completely different from the player that he used to be. It was nice to see Tebow make the transition to a smooth passer instead of relying on his feet to make plays for the Eagles offense. Even early on in the preseason Tebow looked uncomfortable at times as a passer and as a result he had a few games where he was able to rush for a touchdown but not pass for one. That all changed last night when Tebow was out in New Jersey dropping dimes. On several passes he showed off good zip on his throws and the accuracy to prove he is worthy of being an NFL quarterback. With the news that Matt Barkely was traded today to the Arizona Cardinals it nearly guarantees that Tebow will make the roster for the Philadelphia Eagles. A great story for a guy who nearly lost his football career and instead chose to never get up that dream and constantly worked to Improve himself. He is a great fit for Chip Kelly’s offense and anyone who understands footballs x’s and o’s could see that the Eagles could plug him into the formula somewhere. Whether that be on goal line two points conversions like the Eagles tried him in one preseason game, or short yardage situations. Ultimately that is due to Tebow’s execution at the mesh point in the zone read option. But we can honestly say now that it is also because of Tebow’s throws. He is now a dual threat quarterback.



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