Ted Ginn Jr. had a break out year in his 9th season:

Photo credit: Ronald C. Modra / Sports Imagery

Author: Jon Kuzma

Ted Ginn Jr. the speedy kick returner and wide receiver out of Ohio State University has always been a dynamic special teams player. He has taken 4 punts and 3 kick returns to the house during his 9 year career. Yet at the receiver position Ginn struggled to make a true impact at the NFL level compiling only 11 touchdown receptions in his first 8 seasons. However in his 9th season which he decided to play in Carolina, Ginn had his best season ever as a receiver. Ginn managed to haul in 10 today passes during the 2015 season. He was clearly one of Cam Newtonā€™s favorite weapons and he did a great job of providing a spark to the Panthers offense. Itā€™s very rare that you seen player make such strides so late in their career. Yet if youā€™re Ginn you just have to be happy that the production came at all. Up until this year the most touchdowns Ted Ginn ever had in a season was 5 touchdowns. That was two years ago when he played with Cam Newton in Carolina. Last season he left the team and played with the Arizona Cardinals and didnā€™t record a single receiving touchdown. It was clear that in 2015 the Panthers needed Ginnā€™s production and Ted Ginn needed to play with Cam Newton. A guy that knew his capabilities and how to utilize his skills and talents. Could you imagine the Panthers having to make doĀ without Ginn when Kelvin Benjamin went down? The team might not be in the Super Bowl right now if they didnā€™t get Tedd Ginn Jr. back plain and simple. You have to give credit to the guy for sticking around the game and always getting in whereĀ he fits in. He truly deserves all of the success that he has had over his 9 year career.

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