Teddy Bridgewater was the big winner in free agency. The Carolina Panthers promoted him:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

If you’ve followed Teddy Bridgewater’s career his latest promotion isn’t too surprising. Bridgewater has always been a positive guy. Even when he had to overcome that gruesome knee injury he suffered with the Vikings. And after being a perfect teammate for the past two seasons in New Orleans. You just knew that some team would come knocking at his door. We know now that was the Carolina Panthers and now Bridgewater will be a full time starter. If you’re new coach like Matt Rhule is and hoping to build up your team’s culture. Teddy Bridgewater is the perfect centerpiece because you know he’ll take that role seriously.

He’ll make sure that the other players on the team take it serious as well. Then you have to take a look at what Bridgewater does well when he’s under center. He’s not a one read quarterback. Bridgewater can get through his progressions and scan the field. The other thing he does really well is he gets the football out of his hands quickly. Those are skills that will upgrade the Panthers quarterback situation. So really this is a win for both sides and most fans will be happy for this guy. Bridgewater has done the right thing every step of the way. And now he’s being rewarded for the choices he’s made.

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