Terrell Owens being left out of the Hall of Fame is a failure upon voters:

Photo credit: The Sporting News

Author: Jon Kuzma

Terrell Owens is easily one of the best receivers the game of football has ever seen. Yet Owens will not be inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2016. Voters decided that Owens future would be left up to another time, and it must be stated it was the wrong decision. Owens being left out of the Hall of Fame is a direct result of voters and their personal bias getting in the way. It’s no secret Owens brash personality left many folks rubbed the wrong way. Which likely was the reason for voters choosing to bypass Owens. It’s sad that the voting process would end up like that, especially when you have a player as deserving as Owens is. The Hall of Fame is supposed to be a measure of a player’s merit on the field. Instead it was a measurement of Owen’s antics off the football field. Regardless of how likable Terrell Owens is. He still recorded 15,934 receiving yards and 153 touchdowns over the course of his professional career. Showing that he was a force on the field and likely one of the best yards after reception receivers the game has ever seen. Remember Super Bowl 39 when the Eagles took on the New England Patriots in Jacksonville Florida? In that Super Bowl Terrell Owens had just returned from a broken leg which had happened seven weeks earlier. Owens had to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber to make his return in the Super Bowl. How did Owens play after breaking his ankle and tearing major ligaments in his ankle just a couple months prior? He responded with a dominant Super Bowl performance of 9 receptions and 122 receiving yards. A testament of just how gifted Owens was physically. It’s clear this guy has done enough on the football field to earn himself a gold jacket. It’s unfortunate that the selection committee let other factors get in the way of T.O nomination and they all should question their own judgement. Although we know none of them will. Until then Terrell Owens will have to suffer the consequences, unfairly.

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