The Arizona Cardinals just made the biggest splash yet. DeAndre Hopkins is a dream come true for Kyler Murray:

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Photo credit: Ronald C. Modra

Author: Jon Kuzma

We knew things were going to heat up quickly. But no one knew the trade around the world would happen today. The Arizona Cardinals have traded for DeAndre Hopkins. They gave up David Johnson and a 2nd round pick to make that deal happen. And honestly this is a complete steal for Arizona. David Johnson is no longer a starter and we’ve seen so many teams miss on their draft picks.

You know what you’re getting from DeAndre Hopkins. That’s a bona fide superstar who has made a name for himself by having the best hands in the NFL. Anything that comes close to Hopkins gets caught and that’s why he’s been a top receiver in the league his entire career. When you think about what he’s going to bring to the Cardinals it makes this team much more exciting. Kyler Murray just won the Rookie of the Year award. And now he’ll have Larry Fitzgerald and DeAndre Hopkins to throw to. Those guys alone will provide so many big plays for the 2nd year quarterback. Plus Kliff Kingsbury will also have a lot more options on the table creativity-wise. The stars are aligning for this franchise and Hopkins could help them take the next step. A winning season in year two would be huge for this current regime.

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