The Buffalo Bills just got a lot better. Stefon Diggs will make their offense way more explosive:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Stefon Diggs has been frustrated with the Minnesota Vikings for a while. And now he’ll have a new team for the 2020 season. The Buffalo Bills have traded for Diggs and that’s great news for Josh Allen. Diggs played his best football ever last season and he’s entering that elite category. For a team that just went to the playoffs this is a huge acquisition. Allen is getting better each year and should make a big leap in his third season. When you also add Diggs into the mix Allen’s progress could accelerate tenfold. This guy is just so good at working those vertical routes downfield. And Allen happens to have the strongest arm in the entire NFL.

Play-wise they’re a match made in heaven and it’s also a fresh start for Diggs. Clearly he wasn’t too fond of playing with Kirk Cousins. However Allen has a lot more competitive fire and that’s something Diggs also possesses. Those two working together makes it clear that this offense will be much more talented than the past. Everything is going right for this team and the other players around the league are starting to notice it. Buffalo is starting to become a more attractive destination. Without the success they’ve had it’s hard to believe this deal would’ve happened. We just seen Antonio Brown veto a trade to the Bills a year ago. But Diggs went the opposite route and celebrated the news. He believes this a much better situation than Minnesota.

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