It’s time to acknowledge it. The Dolphins are building something great:

Author: Jon Kuzma

Look at the Dolphins now. Who would’ve thought they’d become? What they are today. You want to talk about progress. This team has evolved because of their top notch regime. GM Chris Grier has set Miami up well. By stock piling draft picks. It’s getting to the point. Where the Dolphins front office is so much better than everyone else’s. You know they’ll be a great team for years to come. How can they not be? With five first round picks over the next three years. It’s funny because all of these other teams. Are being way too aggressive. And they’re trading away all of their draft capital. The Dolphins have been smarter than that. They’ve been playing the long game. And they’re investing in their future. Sooner or later those moves. Will provide the returns the Dolphins are hoping for.

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