The San Francisco 49ers continue to win with a lights out defense. Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings couldn’t match up:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The NFC divisional round was the same thing we’ve seen all season from the San Francisco 49ers. Their defense can completely suffocate their opponents and that’s what happened to the Minnesota Vikings. Thanks to Nick Bosa, Solomon Thomas, and DeForest Buckner the Niners we’re able to completely takeaway Dalvin Cook. Cook is Minnesota’s best player but he only had 18 rushing yards in this contest. Therefore Kirk Cousins couldn’t run any playaction passes or bootlegs.

So what that did is eliminate most of the things that Minnesota does on offense. And it’s hard for an offense to throw away their whole game plan and go with something else in the middle of a game. Truth be told the 49ers were the more physical team and they overpowered the Vikings offensive line for all four quarters. This is who San Francisco is. They’re kind of a throwback ball club because they wear you down with their running game and then let their defense outmuscle you. Another huge thing is the 49ers are also getting healthier. Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander’s return makes them much better defensively. Which could be the two pieces that puts them over the top.

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