There’s rumors that Rob Gronkowski is still on the trading block but the Patriots can’t afford to let him go:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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An anonymous AFC East executive recently claimed that Rob Gronkowski is still on the trade block but the New England Patriots can’t survive without Gronk on their roster. Sure Bill Belichick can entertain offers to try to trick Gronkowski into thinking he could be replaced but the truth is New England would take too much of a hit if that were to happen. Even if Belichick were to acquire a couple of high draft picks for his star tight end that’s going really setback the offense for this upcoming season. Sure the Patriots won a Super Bowl without Gronkowki back in 2017 but remember Martellus Bennett was on the roster to fill in. Bennett is now retired from pro football and that means Gronkowski’s value increases tenfold. This organization might be upbeat about the group of receivers they have but Rob Gronkowki is cut from a different cloth and players like that aren’t expendable. The future Hall of Famer (Gronkowski) has 76 touchdowns in eight seasons of action. When you average almost ten touchdowns a year for that long people are going to notice the impact you’re making. Belichick’s real goal by listening to offers is to reel everyone in to make sure they aren’t getting too complacent. It almost feels like New England’s head coach is bluffing on this one so everyone is on their toes. The concern for the Patriots is Brady and Gronkowski are starting to rebel against this over-controlling approach Belichick has employed in the past. So while Belichick might think this just another chess move on his behalf it could end up having negative consequences. Which just proves even further that New England needs Rob Gronkowki. When morale is low the last thing you want to do is give up talent. With that being said don’t expect a deal to happen anytime soon.

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There’s whispers around the NFL that Rob Gronkowski is on the trading block but the Patriots can’t afford to let him go.

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