The things Eric Decker does well meshes perfectly with New England. Decker will have a chance to revive his career in the Patriots rhythm and timing system:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Some wide receivers excel at running vertical routes and blowing by defenders. Eric Decker on the other hand is a sure handed receiver who does his best work over the middle. Thatā€™s why itā€™s so huge that Decker decided to join forces with Bill Belichick because the Patriots have made a living off optimizing the value of guys like Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Deion Branch. It feels like Decker would do pretty well in a similar role and thatā€™s most likely why Belichick released Jordan Matthews and picked up the former Titan (Decker). Eric Decker put together three 1,000 yard seasons during his career so heā€™s been a reliable target on the gridiron. The problem is Decker is starting to get older (31) and his last big season came back in 2015. That proves itā€™s somewhat of a long shot Decker will turn things around but New England is definitely his best chance to do so. If Tom Brady and Decker get in on the same page then thereā€™s a real opportunity to put some points on the board. New England emphasizes route running and both sides are almost like a match made in heaven. If Amendola had some of his best stats in this offense Decker should be even better. Eric Decker comes into the situation with a much more polished resume than Danny Amendola did when he was penciled into the Patriots line up. One of the biggest factors whether or not Decker has success will be if he is in shape? Decker needs to turn back the clock a little bit and you do that by taking your conditioning to the next level. By going the extra mile in off-season work outs you can prepare better than your opponents. Those are things Eric Decker must do well if he really wants to make a splash with his new team.

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Don’t be surprised if Eric Decker meshes perfectly with the New England Patriots.

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