Is it time to give Ray Rice a second chance?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been out of football since 2014. For those of you who don’t remember Rice was released by the Ravens for a domestic violence dispute that he had with his girlfriend. What made Rice’s case so popular in the public’s eye is the fact that Rice’s incident was filmed on camera. That footage was eventually sold for $100,000 dollars to TMZ, who then released it to the public. What ensued next would be something that completely destroyed Rice’s career. That film footage created a backlash that caused the public to call for Rice’s head. While at the time people’s frustrations with Rice were justified because nobody should  hit their loved one (or anyone for that matter). Now two years later you have to start to ask yourself? Has Rice paid his debt to society for the heinous actions that he committed? We’ve seen athletes comeback from much worse than physically striking their significant other. Mike Tyson was charged for rape and sent to prison before eventually coming back and re-entering the ring. Ray Rice never went to jail and before this mishap was a staple of positivity and well being in the Baltimore community. With a clean slate before this very public domestic violence case does that mean we should give Rice a second chance? Truthfully I believe it does. We’ve all said and done things that we aren’t proud of. It’s unfair to continue to punish Rice and take away the twilight portion on his career. Which ultimately will take away from him providing for his family. Michael Vick was in a similar situation when he was out of the league and in prison for dog fighting. Vick made it back to the field for his NFL comeback. So why can’t Rice when he never served any prison time for his actions? On top of that Rice has spent his time away from football speaking at rookie symposiums helping to guide future NFL players in the right direction. So they don’t follow in his foot steps and make the same mistakes that he did. It’s clear Rice is doing everything that he can to move on from the past. It’s about time the NFL does the same and reinstates him. A lot of people will be against the decision but it’s the right move. No one deserves to be punished forever, especially when others were allowed to comeback after their punishments!

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