Itā€™s time for the Packers to become more aggressive in free agency:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Green Bay Packers are a team that has always played by their own rules when it comes to offseason activity and transactions. The Packers have a philosophy of ā€œbuilding through the draftā€ rather than signing free agents who are often times overpriced. The draft philosophy is good because it keeps the payroll from eating up all the cap space that comes with signing NFL free agents. That is clearly the proā€™s of the build through the draft philosophy, the cons are the fact that the Packers donā€™t land enough big name talent to put around Aaron Rodgers, and there isnā€™t enough new talent injected in the team like there would be if the team were active in both free agency and in the draft. That is why so many teams do their best to combine both acquisition periods to improve their team in the offseason. The Packers landed Jared Cook today a Tight End who will certainly add to the Packers core but one signing will not be enough to make up for the gains that the Arizona Cardinals made this offseason. The team who was already talented enough to knock off the Packers last season. Green Bayā€™s General Manager Ted Thompson should have around $9 million dollars in cap space after adding Cook to the roster. It would be nice to see him do his best to add another player to the mix, and really put a product on the field that can compete in the deep postseason. Maybe signing a guy like Louis Vasquez who started 15 out of 16 games for the Denver Broncos just last season would be a good fit. Doing so would add a little protection for Rodgers who was often harassed last year by opposing defensive lineman. Also signing Vasquez wouldnā€™t be that big of a commitment financially, which we know Green Bay hates to make. Keep in mind Vasquez was also an All-Pro in 2013 and maybe being in a sound system like the Packers have, he can return to top form. These are just a few suggestions but one thing is for sure the Packers need to pick it up a little bit when it comes to being proactive in the free agency period. You have to take risks to get to the top and the Packers have been alarmingly conservative of recent.

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