Time for the Philadelphia Eagles to press the panic button:


Photo credit: Kevin Burkett

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Philadelphia Eagles who were 3-1 in the preseason and showed all the promise in the world, now find themselves 1-3 in the regular season. It was easy to get caught up in the Chip Kelly ā€œsell the houseā€ mentality as he shipped former Eagles Lesean McCoy, Brandon Boykin, Trent Cole, and Cary Williams all packing. Kelly made it clear in those moves that his goal was to invest in the future by clearing cap space, and landing draft picks in return for some of the players mentioned above. What Kelly forgot to take in account however is the NFL is a ā€œwin nowā€ type of league. Even though Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has recently came out and backed Kelly. It might be the players who have been turning against Kelly at an alarming rate that eventually lead to the coaches doom. It doesnā€™t matter if the owner backs Chip Kelley and Chip Kelly is indeed a coaching mastermind. If the players donā€™t believe the Eagles are a desirable destination then it will be tough for the team to win. In football the inferior team talent wise usually gets trounced by the superior team lined up across from them. While the Eagles can go out and make moves in the future to improve this team. The moves they have made this far have caused this team to regress in the present moment. Former Eagles Pro Bowl quarterback Nick Foles looked pretty good today for the St. Louis Rams passing for 3 touchdowns and a win against the Cardinals. While Chip Kellyā€™s hand selected quarterback Sam Bradford has only led this team to 1 win on the year. What made that deal even worse for the Eagles is they also gave up a fourth round pick this year and 2nd round pick next year to obtain Bradford. A player who was already a downgrade from Foles. That deal was so tilted in the Rams favor Jeff Fisher and company didnā€™t even think twice about shipping Bradford off with a fifth round pick. While some of the moves Kelly made werenā€™t that bad for the team he will likely regret that quarterback swap and unfortunately for Kelly that position is the most important to any football team. Kelly and the Eagles luckily have a future loaded with cap room and picks to fall back on. How bad will it get before then though? If this team loses all momentum, Kelly might be out before you know it.



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