It’s time to really acknowledge and embrace Frank Gore’s 13 year excellence:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Indianapolis Colts Running Back Frank Gore just capped off his 13th season and he managed to rattle off 961 yards this past year. Gore has been flat out dominant since entering the National Football League back in 2005 and while early on in his career we were blown away by Gore’s physicality running the ball. Now we’re astonished by the longevity the Indianapolis ball carrier has had playing pro football. Most running backs slow down at the 30 years old mark but Frank Gore has still been running hard at 34. Even though this guy is a free agent this off-season there’s a good chance some team will ink him to at least a one year contract. That’s because Gore can still provide you something on the ground and why not sign the veteran if your team is desperate to find a good tailback? The only argument against Gore is a coach might prefer to give those snaps to a younger player. However if you’re one of the bottom 25-32 teams when its comes to running the football, you should definitely consider signing Frank Gore. It would be nice to see the San Francisco 49ers pick up Gore because that’s where his career started. The Niners have a ton of cap space ($115M) and can probably sign their former player (Gore) for almost nothing. That addition would provide great value for Kyle Shanhan’s team at a bargain price. The fans would definitely be behind the signing as well, so not only do you get better as a football team you also would generate a little buzz too. By tapping into San Francisco’s history and bringing back a player who has got it done for the team for so many years would be great for the culture in California. John Lynch has the power to make it happen and he definitely should pull the trigger on that deal.

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