It’s time for Tony Romo to hang it up due to medical reasons:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With news coming out of Dallas today that Tony Romo is having a procedure done to have a plate put in his collarbone, it’s time we do the right thing and look out for Tony Romo. It’s time football insiders and fans start a movement and urge Tony Romo to retire from pro football. Yes we would all like to see Romo out there competing and maybe even fulfill his quest of someday hoisting a Lombardi Trophy for Jerry Jones. At this point though those ambitions are something that should honestly take a backseat to Romo’s long term health. Romo injured his collarbone twice last year. Once early on in the season initially and then once later on in the season when the Cowboys prematurely rushed him back (that is a whole other separate negligent issue). Romo who is 36 years old has endured a plethora of different injuries over his 13 seasons of NFL action. Serious injuries which include a broken back, broken ribs, and a broken collar bone. The long term effects of those injuries do not spell good news for Tony Romo and it’s very likely that at some point he will be in a wheel chair after his playing days are over. Especially when you talk about all the back issues Tony has had over the course of career. Those issues are a big problem that are slightly minimized by Romo’s younger age. When Romo gets up into 50’s and 60’s those injuries are going to become much more drastic and Romo at some point might even regret playing to his age he is now. That is why it’s in Romo’s best interest to walk away from the game of football, accept that he had a great run which most people can only dream of having and spend the rest of his life on a golf course. We all know the competitor in Tony won’t allow him to quit because he wants to get in the playoffs and win so badly. That is why it’s up to his advisers in his corner and the people who care about Tony to step up and urge him to retire immediately. This might not be the popular opinion and it certainly will rub a lot of Cowboys fans the wrong way. However it’s the right thing to do and anyone against this thinking wants Tony Romo to come back for their own selfish reasons.

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