Time winding down: Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald both could be in their final season

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Arizona Cardinals veterans Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are both in the twilight of their professional careers and it’s safe to say neither guy have very much time left in this league. With all due respect to the accomplishments that both Palmer and Fitzgerald have been able to accomplish, in the end every athlete gets defeated by father time. Even though Palmer and Fitzgerald might not have a foreseeable future beyond 2017, both players still have a chance to have a huge impact for their team. Palmer is the still the starting quarterback at 37 years old and he still plays the most important position in all of football. If Carson Palmer can recalculate his accuracy, decision making, and confidence there’s no telling what the former USC quarterback can do. At his best Palmer has been sensational and even won the Fed Ex Air Player of the Year award back in 2015. Palmer saw his touchdowns drop and his interceptions rise in 2016, so first and foremost Palmer has to take care of the football. By cutting down on turnovers Palmer can improve the Cardinals chances of winning games, everything else will fall in place from there. As far as Larry Fitzgerald goes, Fitzgerald is only 33 years old but is definitely feeling the lingering effects of going over the middle for the past fourteen seasons. Running backs and receivers get it pretty bad as far as health issues go because they are tackled so frequently. Fitzgerald has compiled 14,389 receiving yards and 104 receiving touchdowns over the course of his career. Those accomplishments will definitely help Larry Fitzgerald earn a Hall of Fame selection someday, and it’s been an outstanding run for both Fitzgerald and Palmer as both of their careers wind down. Arizona needs to make the most of this season and send both of those guys out with a bang. It will be tough to do that with a depleted roster so Fitzgerald and Palmer will have to be even better than usual in order for Arizona to make a push for a winning season.

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