The Timmy Jernigan trade is more proof that NFL general managers just don’t get it:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

First Randy Moss got traded for a 4th round pick when he was clearly a 1st round talent. Then Brock Osweiler got signed to a $72 million dollar contract. Then Kony Ealy got dealt in a bad trade by the Panthers and now Timmy Jernigan is being shipped to Philadelphia so the Ravens can move up 25 spots in the 3rd round. What do all of these acquisitions have in common? The fact that these NFL general managers are mostly suits who know nothing about the game of football or at least nothing about assessing NFL talent. Every year we see a bone headed move like the Rams made last year when they gave up their whole future to draft Jared Goff. Which proves to football fans time and time again that these NFL G.M’s are overpaid and under-producing individuals. In Ozzie Newsome’s defense he is one of the better general managers in the league but unfortunately this was one of his worst deals. While Jernigan was expected to leave after the 2017 season, trading Jernigan to move up 25 spots in the 3rd round is a lackluster trade. Jernigan could have helped the Ravens defense this upcoming season and Baltimore had one of the better defenses in the NFL last year (The Ravens ranked 7th in total defense). Losing Jernigan will hurt that ranking especially since he recorded 5 sacks last year playing an interior defensive lineman position. The Ravens will end up missing that pressure next season more than they realize and it would have been better to ride Jernigan’s contract out. The fans of Baltimore deserve a winning product on the football field and the Ravens hurt their chances of achieving that goal when they traded away Timmy Jernigan. Baltimore has some other young players on that defensive front that they can plug in to make up for the loss but make no mistake about it none of them have produced like Jernigan. The good news is if you’re an Eagles fan you just robbed the Ravens blind. Not only did you land Jernigan you also got a 3rd round pick in the trade. Which essentially means Philadelphia bolsters their defensive line with Timmy Jernigan and they still have a 3rd round pick which can be used to draft a player. Not a bad deal at all and the Eagles front office deserves credit for swindling the Ravens.

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