The Titans set themselves up for years to come by trading down:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Tennessee Titans made the right move when it was all said and done. They traded the 1st overall pick in the draft for 5 draft picks. Those picks include a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round of this years draft and a 1st and 3rd rounder in the 2017 draft. That trade sets the franchise up to be a serious contender because it gives the team so many extra picks to add to their roster. On top of that, all of those 5 picks are in the top 3 rounds or better. So the Titans are going to be landing a lot more of the most talented players coming out of the draft. Lets be honest drafting Laremy Tunsil was not going to give the Titans enough to be competitive in 2016. Tunsil is an outstanding player but the Titans have more problems than 1 player can fix. Now Tennessee should be able to draft either Taylor Decker out of Ohio State or Jack Conklin out of Michigan State. Either move would help Mariota from taking as much abuse as he did in 2015. Then the Titans will have 2 picks in the next 2 rounds to take the draft any direction they would like. You can almost be certain that 1 of those 4 picks will be a wide receiver, and donā€™t be surprised if another one of those picks is an offensive lineman. The Titans gave up 54 sacks in 2015 and that doesnā€™t bode well for Marcus Mariota. Taking 2 top tier offensive lineman will really protect the teamā€™s investment in Mariota and put the team in great position to succeed. Not to mention the team landed Demarco Murray this off-season and drafting those offensive lineman will make Murray much more effective in the running game. Next year the Titans will have 2 1st round draft picks as well. This was really just a great move for the Titans and you have to applaud their front office. Their stock arrow is pointing up and the team has made themselves relevant again.

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