Todd Gurley has been one of the best running backs in all of football this year, he is 2nd in the league in both rushing yards and rushing touchdowns:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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First year Rams Head Coach Sean McVay has done a terrific job of turning around Los Angelesā€™ offense and a big part of that has been getting the best out of Todd Gurley. Gurley who is in his third season of professional action has been outstanding under McVay rushing for 939 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns. Only Leā€™Veon Bell has more rushing yards than Gurley and only Mark Ingram has more rushing touchdowns. Itā€™s clear based off those stat lines that Gurley has been incredible in 2017 and thatā€™s in complete contrast to last year when Jeff Fisherā€™s offense was nonexistent. Itā€™s not just the running game that has been better either, Gurley has also caught 563 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns too. So McVay has also done a great job of utilizing Gurley out of the backfield which has resulted in a positive output for this football team. When you actually plug in the game film and watch the former Georgia Bulldog operate it becomes evident that opposing players have a hard time bringing Gurley down. First the Rams running back breaks defenders down with his juke moves and then if someone does get their hands on Gurley he has such good balance which makes him extremely hard to tackle. Itā€™s that rare skill set which makes this guy a premier player in the National Football League and Gurley has also hurdled a number would be tacklers throughout the year as well. What that lets you know is McVay has one of the best athletes in the entire league at RB and thatā€™s why Gurley has been such a key component to Los Angeles’ success. This organization has a huge game this weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles which is an NFC juggernaut match up. Todd Gurley needs to be at his best in order to give his ball club an edge and that means we need to see the 23 year old running with authority for all four quarters.

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