Tom Brady has almost 500 more yards than the 2nd best quarterback in the league, what Brady has been able to do at 40 is remarkable:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game and now after eight weeks the Patriots signal caller has almost 500 yards more than the second best quarterback in the league. Brady has 2,541 passing yards on the year which is a big lead on Carson Wentz who is next in line with 2,063 yards this season. So the gap between Brady and the other elite quarterbacks in the league is pretty substantial and to think the 18 year veteran is playing this well at 40 years old is just remarkable. Thereā€™s 25 year and 26 year old guys in the league that are athletically in their prime who aren’t putting up as good of stats as Tom Brady. Thereā€™s just no stopping this man and it doesnā€™t seem like the 2000 draft pick out of the University of Michigan is slowing down anytime soon. Brady has more experience than anybody in pro football right now and when he sees the field itā€™s the most elite expert breaking down these coverages. Brady can read everything a defense throws at him like a book, heā€™s seen it all before and it comes easy to him. That ability to diagnose and identify everything the defense is doing allows him to just dismantle his opponents. TB12ā€™s body is holding up pretty well too, he hasnā€™t lost much velocity at all on his throws like some of the other aging QBs in the league. Which proves physically he is a rare specimen as well in the fact that he has kind of an idea build for a quarterback. Bradyā€™s long limbs and refined throwing mechanics help him deliver strikes over tall offensive and defensive lineman. Thereā€™s just no answer for what Tom Brady does because he usually gets the ball out of his hands so quickly relying on his arm to win and lose games. The last thing which is like the x-factor for Bradyā€™s game is his confidence. Because Tom Brady has had so much success over his career he has attained a superior level of self trust. Itā€™s that belief he can always make a big play which allows him to manifest big plays in real life. Watching Tom Brady is like watching a wizard of football operate every Sunday, itā€™s magic.

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