Tom Brady and Donald Trump’s cuddly relationship could be over after Brady skips championship White House visit:

Photo credit: Steve Nehf / Denver Post

Author: Jon Kuzma

It’s no secret that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were Donald Trump supporters during the election but apparently Gisele Bundchen is having the final say with Brady. Bundchen was extremely displeased with Brady’s support for Donald Trump and during the season Brady had to answer media questions about the political rift in his household. Brady was adamant that it was in his best interest to avoid discussing politics and that’s why it was a serious red flag when Brady skipped the Patriots championship White House visit today. Brady stated that he is missing the White House visit with President Trump due to family matters, which is a way of Brady saying Gisele is getting her way. While Tom Brady might be making a good move for his family, it’s a move that is definitely questionable. Brady clearly supports Trump but Bundchen is making him censor his support for the 45th President. That has relationship issues written all over it and if Brady doesn’t stand up for his manhood now disaster is looming around the corner in the future. Not only that but now Brady is going to lose a powerful ally in President Trump. In fact Trump didn’t even mention Brady’s name one time during the celebration and it’s pretty clear that Brady and Trump’s friendship is officially in jeopardy. With so many people opposing Trump at the moment the President is supposed to be able to lean on his friends for support. Brady wasn’t there for Trump when the President needed him and don’t get it confused this is a black eye for Brady’s personal brand. If you abandon your friends when things get tough that sets a bad precedent for the future and it shows that your loyalty has limitations. Brady has gotten a whole lot of confidence and perks in life from being constantly glorified, he would be wise to be conscious of his moves and make better decisions in the future. Trump deserved better from Tom Brady and it’s a weak move overall for the Super Bowl M.V.P.

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