Tom Brady and several other Patriots players side with Malcolm Butler as the rift between Bill Belichick and the team continues to grow:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The fallout from the Super Bowl doesnā€™t seem to be going too well for the New England Patriots. After losing to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday there is still question marks as to why veteran Cornerback Malcolm Butler didnā€™t play? Bill Belichick told the media that the decision wasnā€™t discipline related but it feels like thatā€™s a lie. It just doesnā€™t make sense that New Englandā€™s best corner wouldnā€™t suit up in the Super Bowl unless he did something that jeopardized the teamā€™s success. The other possibility is Butler did have some kind of slip up and Belichick is unfairly taking the fall for one of his players. Regardless though you have to wonder if the Patriotsā€™ head coach decided to play the moral card at the wrong time? Unless Malcolm Butler committed a flat out crime thereā€™s no reason he shouldnā€™t be out on the field. The Super Bowl is the biggest stage in sports and you arenā€™t coaching high school athletes. If Belichick benched Butler because he missed one practice thatā€™s still a strike against the future Hall of Fame coach. Malcolm Butler was this teamā€™s hero just a couple of years ago and he gave the Pats everything he had for the entire season just to get this team to the playoffs. Sometimes you have to understand that those past sacrifices are enough to be forgiven for a few missteps. Belichick wanted to go with the old school approach and he left one of key players on the sidelines as the Eagles put up 41 points. Clearly Butlerā€™s teammates are siding with him because several of the them have reached out for support. The most notable being Tom Brady who had this statement to say about Butler after everything that transpired.

One thing is for certain it feels like the culture is starting to become toxic in Foxborough.

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