Can Tom Brady’s leadership keep the Bucs Super Bowl hopes alive?

Author: Jon Kuzma


There’s a lot of things that make Tom Brady great. But one of his biggest strengths is his leadership. Brady is always laser focused on his goals. And the only thing he cares about is winning football games. That’s why he’s won seven Super Bowls. But Brady will face a big challenge when the Bucs go into the playoffs. The Chris Godwin injury has been a tough setback for this team. And to make matters even worse. Antonio Brown is no longer a part of this organization. Yet Brady is keeping his eye on the prize. And he’s doing that by getting his fourth and fifth receivers up to speed. Cyril Grayson and Tyler Johnson are two players that he’s leaning on. Those two helped the Bucs dig themselves out of a hole against the Jets. And they’ll both be needed in the future too. Don’t be surprised when Grayson and Johnson take the next step in this offense. That’s what Tom Brady does. He makes everyone around him better. Which is already having an effect on Grayson and Johnson.

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