Torrey Smith shows he is a true gentleman of the league:

Panthers at Ravens 9/28/14

Photo credit: Keith Allison

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith is an outstanding player on the football field. Did you know he is also an outstanding person in life as well? The former Baltimore Ravens receiver is a positive force in his day to day life. Often trying to brighten the lives of people around him and give back to his community. You can tell Smith has a strong sense of faith, and he is known for always interacting with people on Twitter and giving fans encouragement. One particular tweeter was anything but a fan however. Twitter user Dario Webb or “@DWebb15” as his Twitter handle confirms. Had one of the most disgusting comments in Twitter history towards Smith stating “And your brother is still dead”. For those who don’t know Smith’s brother was tragically killed in motor cycle accident during the 2012 season. The following night Smith would play in an NFL game and have an outstanding performance before breaking down and crying on the sidelines. The moment was one of the better moments in sports because Smith was going through so much pain of losing someone he loved. And to see him have success during a time that was so troubling for him, instantly made you a Torrey Smith fan. Dario Webb’s comments are symbolic for the world we live in today. A place where social media trolls can make nasty comments without much repercussion. Yet those comments didn’t break Torrey Smith’s spirit. He lived up to that great character he has always had and turned the cheek to @DWebb15. Showing us all how a responsible human being accepts being berated by an unknown internet voice. Most people today have had to deal with this issue at some point and can take a note from Smith’s approach. For those of you that can’t….

Feel free to send your hate tweets to @DWebb15. He truly deserves it.

*Note- Don’t physically hurt the guy though. Rise above that madness.

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