On the trade block? The New York Jets are thinking about trading away Le’Veon Bell before he even plays a game for them:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Everything was going so good for the New York Jets. They landed Le’Veon Bell, C.J Mosley, and Jamison Crowder in free agency and that was splash for this organization. Then the team followed that up by selecting Quinnen Williams and Jachai Polite on draft night which essentially made New York a contender. However shortly after that is when everything started to unravel.

GM Mike Maccagnan was fired this past week and obviously that’s never a good sign. Apparently new head coach Adam Gase and Maccagnan’s relationship had become dysfunctional and CEO Chris Johnson decided to stick with the more recent hire. The problem is Gase hasn’t done much to justify acquiring so much power other than hold a clipboard while Peyton Manning made magic happen in Denver. The other problem with Gase is he isn’t a fan of Le’Veon Bell at all. There’s been leaks to the media that he wasn’t onboard with signing the free agent running back and thinks the price was too high. So it’s possible that Gase could trade Bell before he even suits up for the Jets. That would be such a terrible decision because despite the cost of all of the moves they’ve made this franchise is in better shape than they’ve been in a while. If the front office ships out Bell and then the team fails to win games there will be so much pushback from the fans. For a ball club that hasn’t had a ton of success it seems like one of the most foolish decisions they could make. The bottom line is Adam Gase is not the guy anyone wants calling the shots. He’s got an itchy trigger finger which has already resulted in Darron Lee getting traded to the Chiefs for a measly 6th round pick. If Bell gets dealt next it wouldn’t be surprising and everybody will say the same thing “same old Jets.”

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Le’Veon Bell is already on the trade block and the New York Jets are foolish if they ship him out.

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