Trading Matthew Stafford would only lead to more instability and embarrassment for the Detroit Lions:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

A report from WDIV in Detroit suggested that Matthew Stafford has been involved in trade talks. And while Bob Quinn and the Lions have to listen to all the offers that come their way. It doesnā€™t make any sense for this team to trade Stafford away. He played very good last year and itā€™s clear that Stafford wasnā€™t the problem. So making him the scapegoat for all of the issues in the Motor City doesnā€™t bring this franchise any closer to winning a Super Bowl.

The Lions did the same exact thing to Jim Caldwell after he exceeded expectations with a ball club that has historically struggled. Ever since that moment the Lions have completely unraveled. And to be honest the city of Detroit canā€™t handle anymore letdowns from their sports teams. Things arenā€™t going very well in Michigan and you canā€™t throw Stafford under the bus because heā€™s been so committed to the community. There was plenty of times when he couldā€™ve put in a trade request or tried to force his way out. But Stafford never did and he put his heart and soul into being part of the solution. If thatā€™s the guy the Lions want to toss aside then it says something about their organization as a whole. With how many empty seats there was at Ford Field last season this could be the straw that breaks the camelā€™s back for a lot of fans.

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