Trent Williams has demanded a trade and the Washington Redskins are going to take a huge hit if Williams forces his way out of DC:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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At first the speculation was that Trent Williams was holding out for a new contract but now we know that Williams has actually requested a trade. This is the worst possible turn of events for the Washington Redskins because Williams is a seven-time Pro Bowler and heā€™s a staple on their offensive line at the left tackle position.

Itā€™s hard to believe that this team can overcome the loss of Williams because theyā€™re already facing an uphill battle in the NFC East. Daniel Snyder needs all of the help he can get and losing perhaps his best player is the last thing this roster can afford. Williams is so dominant and so physically imposing that the offense as a whole will take a huge step backwards without number 71 on the field. Just look at the things that Williams does good. Heā€™s absolutely outstanding at going toe to toe with some of the best pass rushers in the league. This is also a player who can get out on the edge on screen plays and make blocks downfield. Youā€™ll also see Williams push a defender down to the guard and then pick up the looping defensive tackle on the outside. It takes so much competence to be able to block two guys on one play because itā€™s a mental challenge as much as it is a physical one. You have to know where these guys are coming from and how to put yourself in a position to stay in front of each rusher. And then in the running game it becomes so much harder to establish those outside runs to the left if the Redskins donā€™t have Trent Williams reach blocking everyone on that side of the field. So now Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice will have less daylight in front of them and that will eliminate most of their opportunities. Proving that Washington doesnā€™t want to let Williams go and Jay Gruden has been adamant about how much heā€™d like to keep him. The problem is The 30-year-old doesnā€™t feel the same way and if Williamsā€™ wish is granted then someone is going to get one of the best offensive linemen around. We donā€™t know what teams are interested in this guy but you have to believe there will be plenty of phone calls and discussions about acquiring him. He might only have 3 or 4 years left in the tank but Williams could get a contender over the hump and help them win a Super Bowl.

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The Washington Redskins will take a huge hit if Trent Williams forces his way out of DC.

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