Trevor Lawrence announced that he’ll skip the draft. Good for him:

Author: Jon Kuzma

Is it an honor to be drafted in the NFL? Yes it is. But just because Trevor Lawrence is skipping the draft. Doesn’t mean that he’s ungrateful. In fact it might actually be a good sign from Lawrence. He’s showing that he’s willing to think for himself. And that’s part of being a great leader. Why go with the flow? If that’s something that doesn’t feel like it’s the right move for you? To be honest. That’s the first step of success. Are you willing to navigate on your own behalf? Lawrence is showing us. He’s willing to do that. So when you have someone. With all of the physical tools in the world. And he’s got the right mindset upstairs too. You have an individual. Who’s destined for great things. The Jaguars won’t shake Lawrence’s hand on draft night. But they should feel good about how much potential. The number one pick has.

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