Trouble brewing in Los Angeles? Why the Chargers are already showing early signs of disarray:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Los Angeles Chargers might have a few problems that could snow ball throughout the season. The first problem is the fact that Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates were allegedly banned from attending Ladainian Tomlinsonā€™s Hall of Fame ceremony. First year Head Coach Anthony Lynn was pretty adamant that he needed Rivers and Gates at practice but truthfully both Rivers and Gates have earned the opportunity to celebrate this historic moment with their former teammate Tomlinson. While either way (letting the players go or making them attend practice) is an understandable policy, keep in mind that the press got a hold of the issue and it became NFL headlines. That lets you know that Rivers and Gates were very displeased with the situation and likely went to the media to voice their frustrations. The fact that this issue wasnā€™t handled in house and the fact that there is already negative media headlines about how the Chargers are handling situations could be the first indication of a serious problem in Los Angeles. From what we know about Anthony Lynn, we know the Chargers new head coach is going to be a no nonsense type of guy. The problem is this current generation of players donā€™t respond particularly well to disciplinarian style leadership. As much as Lynn wants to be a coach who has a short leash on all of his players sooner or later he is going to have to be able to develop relationships and humble himself. One thing is for certain disgruntling two of your top two offensive players before the regular season ever starts is never a good thing. Keep in mind Mike Williams the teamā€™s number 1 draft pick is going to miss almost every practice until the season starts as well. So as you can see the Chargers have some struggles operations wise and this team needs to address these issues right away.

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