Trouble on the horizon. Leonard Fournette’s arrest is another setback for the Jaguars running back and it could put his job in jeopardy:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette was arrested for driving without a license and it’s bad timing for the former 1st round pick. Fournette already had some of his guaranteed money revoked after missing most of 2018 with a hamstring injury, being suspended for a fight, and for poor conduct during the final stretch of the season.

It’s clear this guy is struggling at this point of his career which is surprising considering how good he was as a rookie. Somewhere between then and now Fournette started to spiral out of control and it could be the end of his time with the Jaguars. All of this started when the LSU alum (Fournette) failed to pay some parking tickets but when you add that on top his bad attitude it’s going to really frustrate Tom Coughlin. Truth be told Jacksonville’s locker room is a toxic environment too and that’s not helping their young players out at all. Leonard Fournette got consumed by that and it’s possible Coughlin decides they’re better off without him. The problem is it would be such a waste of talent but right now the team is running out of options. If this is the direction things are heading then Fournette won’t be around for much longer. After rushing for 1,479 yards and 14 touchdowns in two seasons it’s a shame that things have come to this. Maybe the front office will stick with him but if that happens there’s going to be zero tolerance for any other mistakes. Fournette can’t let things get away from him again and truthfully it might already be too late. This situation has been very bizarre and you hate to see it end like this. Every time you draft a player it’s a risk though and Jacksonville is probably upset that they overlooked any red flags they may have noticed.

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Leonard Fournette’s legal troubles could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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