Truth be told Dave Gettleman hasn’t made that many mistakes. Re-signing Sterling Shepard was an error though and it’ll set the New York Giants back a little bit:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The New York Giants just re-signed wide receiver Sterling Shepard to a four year $41M dollar contract and that was a questionable decision by Dave Gettleman. Shepard has never recorded 1,000 receiving yards in a season and he only has 6 touchdowns the past two years.

Paying Shepard $10M dollars annually is risky because that’s cap space that could’ve been saved for a rainy day. Shepard isn’t a bad receiver but there was better options available for the price the Giants paid. This was one of the first mishaps by the team’s front office but the other decision’s they’ve made haven’t been as bad as the public made them out to be. Trading Jason Pierre-Paul was smart because Gettleman had to get Pierre-Paul’s contract off the books and it was better to do it right away. The Odell Beckham Jr. deal wasn’t awful either because it turned into additional 1st and 3rd round picks. If the fans in NYC want to get upset now is the time to do so because extending Shepard’s agreement allows their team less flexibility to improve in the future. And if the Giants choose to draft a wide receiver in the 1st round then they’ll be paying $10M dollars for a number three receiver. Adding D.K Metcalf, A.J Brown, or N’Keal Harry with their 17th overall selection and then signing a free agent for $5M would’ve been a better plan for this offense. That extra $5M saved could’ve went towards improving the defense. It’s those savvy decisions which can be the difference between getting the most for your money or overpaying for a player. The best general managers squeeze every penny to ensure they assemble the deepest roster they possibly can. Gettleman dropped the ball and now he has to hold his breath and hope Sterling Shepard doesn’t do the same.

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Truth be told the New York Giants haven’t made that many bad decision since Dave Gettleman took over. Re-signing Sterling Shepard was foolish though.

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