Tyrann Mathieuā€™s story is a tale of courage and perseverance:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Tyrann Mathieu will make another successful comeback from ACL surgery and get back to doing what he does best. That is helping his team win football games and continuing to be a leader for this Arizona Cardinalsā€™ defense. Mathieuā€™s story doesnā€™t start now in his quest for rehabilitation. It started at LSU the first time in his football career he had to face adversity. After being the best player in college football and winning the Chuck Bednarik Award, Mathieu had a setback in his personal life which caused him to miss the 2012 season. The violations were minor and donā€™t need to be discussed, but Mathieu had to deal with these trying times by looking into himself as man, and making the necessary changes that he had to make. Clearly Mathieu has done that because when the Arizona Cardinals drafted him in the 3rd round of 2013 draft. They got a hell of a player whose mind was only on one thing, being the best football player he can be. This wonā€™t be the first knee surgery for Mathieu either. In his rookie season Mathieu tore his ACL and LCL while returning a free kick against the St. Louis Rams. How did Mathieu respond? The very next season he was back onthe field for the Cardinals and contributing to the teamā€™s defensive efforts. So now, again facing an ACL tear entering the 2016 season, you have to bet your money on Mathieu bouncing back and doing what he has always done. That is weather the storm through the tough times and shine on the biggest stages during the good times. More people should be familiar with Tyrann Mathieuā€™s story because it reflects the struggle that we see in our own personal lives. It also gives us a prime example of how to lead ourselves back into the light through those dark times. Mathieuā€™s story is a tale of courage and perseverance and he will endure the pain and battle back into a successful football player. No doubt about it.

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