Uncharted Route: A sports documentary about the desire to succeed

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Author: Jon Kuzma

If you love stories about pushing past your limits and the determination it takes to succeed. Then director O.J Pipkin has a great documentary for all of you. The story is called the Uncharted Route. It follows the journey of a kid from America who dreams of playing professional soccer in Europe. To get a better understanding of the documentary we sat down and did an interview with Pipkin. Make sure to go check out the Uncharted Route at the link below.

Q: What made you want to do this project?

A. What made me want to do this project was I knew Alexander had an amazing story and I wanted to tell it with video and photos. But the original idea for doing a documentary style video with Alexander began in 2013. I actually wanted to go to Arizona and film with him when he was in high school. But we ended up linking up last year and filming in Los Angeles.

Q:How did you meet Alex Knox and
what made you want to work with him?

A. Alexander is actually my cousin, so I have known him since he was born. What made me want to work with him was his story and his work ethic. I wanted to showcase that on film.

Q:This story seems to be about how much you have to persevere on the journey to success. What are some of the obstacles youā€™ve had to overcome as a director?

A. Some of the obstacles I have had to overcome as a director are #1 money, getting consistent work is definitely an obstacle. Another obstacle Iā€™ve had to overcome is bringing an idea/vision to life. Having to create a plan and then executing that plan at a high level to bring a vision to reality is always a challenge. But I love that challenge and the creative process.

Q: Why should the audience go see your work? What can they take away from it?

A. People should check out this project because it is a great story. It shows an ambitious kid who dreams of playing professional soccer in the top leagues in Europe, and the ups and downs of his journey to make his dreams a reality. The main thing I feel people can take away from this project is to have a dream and chase it relentlessly. And NEVER QUIT.

O.J thank you so much for your time and make sure you click this link and go check out the Uncharted Route!Ā https://www.shooterjuice.com/the-uncharted-route-docu-series

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