Vic Fangio can’t downplay Drew Lock forever. Especially if the Denver Broncos struggle on offense:

Photo credit: Joe Amon / Denver Post

Author: Jon Kuzma

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New Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio is taking a hard nosed approach with rookie quarterback Drew Lock. Fangio stated that Lock’s college offense at Missouri didn’t prepare him for the pros and flat out said he’s not ready yet.

Clearly Fangio wants Lock to work hard to develop himself but there’s a problem with what is being said about the 2nd round draft pick. Drew Lock threw the ball exceptionally well at training camp and was actually better than Joe Flacco for most of yesterday’s practice. We’ve seen this story play out before with Flacco when he lost his job to Lamar Jackson. It’s easy to see that it could happen again in Denver and Fangio is putting too much faith in Flacco. Obviously the Broncos are doing this because they feel more comfortable relying on a veteran but at the end of the day the guy who gives you the best chance of winning has to play. Why knock down Lock when he’s supposed to be the future of this franchise especially when there’s some doubts about Fangio too. The Chicago Bears’ defense was loaded with talent and it didn’t matter who was the defensive coordinator of that group, they were getting a promotion. If you’re in Drew Lock’s shoes these comments aren’t very warm and it almost reminds you of what happened last year with Hue Jackson and Baker Mayfield. Of course Lock will take the high road with the media and act like it doesn’t bother him but behind closed doors you know he’s pissed. Things could’ve been handled better and this feels like a strike against Vic Fangio first and foremost.

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If the Denver Broncos struggle on offense they’ll be crossing their fingers that Drew Lock can bail them out.

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