Vikings beat the 49ers 32-31 on a walk off touchdown / 2pt conversion, San Francisco led for most of the game:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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It might only be the preseason but wow did the Minnesota Vikings finish their week 3 football game in style. After trailing the San Francisco 49ers for all four quarters, the Vikings ended up coming back and scoring the go ahead touchdown / 2pt conversion with no time left on the clock at the end of the game. Minnesotaā€™s entire team stormed the field in an amazing team celebration. If you were watching the game unfold you had to think to yourself that this is one of the best moments of 2017 preseason. Vikings Quarterback Taylor Heinicke scored the game winning 2 pt conversion and it was a culmination of a never quit attitude from Mike Zimmerā€™s team. At half time Minnesota was trailing 14-0 but the purple team kept their eye on the prize and never lost hope. People will say that this game doesnā€™t mean anything because itā€™s the preseason but make no mistake about it a team can grow from experiences like this and the Vikings should get a boost in morale. When the 2nd and the 3rd guys on the roster show they can step up and win games as well, itā€™s a good sign that the overall make up of the team is well. There were a number of points in this game where the Vikings could have thrown in the towel but they wouldnā€™t settle for that. If you expect to be contending for a Super Bowl youā€™re going to need resilience like the Vikings showcased. The NFC better watch out because Minnesota has made some good moves this off-season and should be able to get back to the playoffs after going 8-8 last year. The winning formula for this team will always be defense as long as Zimmer is the head coach. Anticipate a lot of big defensive performances from Minnesota as the regular season gets on the way.

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