Walter Thurmond might be the next player to call it quits early:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Walter Thurmond is a talented safety who played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015. After having his best season as a pro last season in which he recorded 71 tackles and 3 interceptions. You would think Thurmond would be eager to land his next contract and get back to work. Thurmond apparently has different plans however. The 6th year defensive back is contemplating an early retirement like so many other players are in today’s era. With so much information coming out recently about concussions and CTE, Thurmond is weighing his options before making a premature commitment to playing in 2016. What is most notable about Thurmond’s situation is the fact that several teams have expressed interest in the defensive back and have offered him contracts. In fact it’s been reported that Thurmond has passed on offers that are north of $4 million dollars per year. Showing that Walter Thurmond has prioritized his health rather than just a big payday. Some things are bigger than football like being able to play with your kids later on in life and Walter Thurmond has certainly given this decision a lot of thought. If he does indeed retire he will be another player on a long list of athletes who walked away from pro football before their time was up. Players like Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis, and Jarod Mayo all walked away from the game with plenty of gas left in the tank. In order to help limit the amount of injuries they will have to endure in their playing days. With so many past NFL players in rough shape from playing the game for an extended period of time. Many future players are taking notice of the ailing former players and are making a conscious decision to weigh their options oppose to just playing because that is what everyone else does. Walter Thurmond appears to be just the next guy in line and you really can’t blame him because at the end of the day you have to do what is best for yourself. The Eagles would of liked to re-sign this guy but appears that maybe no team will. You have to respect the guy’s ability to make the right decision regardless of how tough it is. Walking away from millions is never easy.

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