Washington needs Jordan Reed to be a Comeback Player of the Year candidate if they want to compete in the NFC East:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Washington Redskins completely changed the landscape of their team when they swapped Kirk Cousins for Alex Smith and that could have a huge impact on Tight End Jordan Reed. Reed has shown glimpses of dominance at times during his career but he really struggled last season when he missed ten games with a toe injury. If the Redskins want to hit the ground running in the Alex Smith era theyā€™ll need Reed to be a reliable weapon over the middle. This guy is a special talent and Washington can even line him out wide at receiver. Still though Reed does his best work over the middle whether its on a slant or a post route. With a 6ā€™2 243 pound frame Reed is tough enough to absorb the contact and heā€™s pretty good at high pointing the football. Then thereā€™s his fluidity at the tight end position. Now many tight ends can run a whip route on a defensive back and shake them out of their shoes but Reed can. There was also times on film when the former University of Florida alum (Reed) would juke a defender and convert a key first down. Itā€™s plays like that which make number 86 for the Redskins such a dynamic pass catcher but none of that is possible if Reed canā€™t stay healthy. Jay Grudenā€™s patience has to be wearing thin with Reed too so itā€™s really a make or break season for him. To be honest though with Smith being under center thereā€™s a real opportunity for Jordan Reed to come out and play some of his best football ever. Travis Kelce flourished the last couple of seasons hauling in Smith’s throws and we know the veteran QB likes to trust his tight ends. So thereā€™s definitely potential there for Reed and heā€™ll have a shot to be one of the best players at his position. It almost feels like Jordan Reed will capture that moment and turn things around in 2018.

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If Jordan Reed is a Comeback Player of the Year candidate then the Redskins are going to have a real shot in the NFC East.

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