The Washington Redskins are negotiating a trade for Josh Rosen. Jay Gruden knows Rosen is a better option than anyone they have on their roster:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


With the Arizona Cardinals expected to draft Kyler Murray number 1 overall thereā€™s a lot of speculation about what will happen with Josh Rosen? We know now that the Washington Redskins are one team that are currently negotiating a trade for the former UCLA quarterback. Obviously thatā€™s a smart decision by Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden with Alex Smithā€™s future in doubt. Plus Rosen is more talented than Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, and Josh Johnson so heā€™s definitely more of a long term solution. Where things get tricky is when you weigh what the Redskins will have to give up to get their next quarterback? Some analysts believe Rosen can be acquired for a third round pick but it feels like Washington will have to give up a little bit more if they want bring him to the East Coast. They canā€™t handicap their future by selling the farm but itā€™s safe to say that Rosen is going to be much better than he was last season. Experience is key in the National Football league and that usually translates into confidence. With Gruden being a good play caller they could have something special with a better quarterback at the helm. Thriving in the NFC East isnā€™t going to be easy because itā€™s so competitive but thereā€™s no doubt Rosen will give the Redskins a shot. The biggest thing will be putting the right pieces around their QB to ensure that they optimize his output. Drafting Jawaan Taylor and sticking him on the offensive line somewhere is one option. The other choice is trading down, adding some extra picks, and selecting a wide receiver. Of course all of this starts with actually getting Rosen to the D.C area but that seems to the direction things are heading and it could end up happening on draft night.

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Josh Rosen is a better option than anyone the Redskins have and that’s why they’re trying to trade for him.

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