The way Jalen Ramsey plays the game is so fun to watch. He sets the tone for the Jacksonville Jaguars:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Letā€™s be honest Jalen Ramsey took it a little bit too far when he did the GQ interview a year ago. The 24-year-old cornerback called out just about every single quarterback in the league and was a little too braggadocios. Although that same confidence is what makes Ramsey so great. Youā€™ll always see him trash talking his opponents and he never backs down from any match-up.

If Ramsey has to cover Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, or Odell Beckham Jr. itā€™s no big deal for him. This guy wants to be the best and that means thereā€™s going to be some tests along the way. However his athleticism is so amazing that itā€™s easy to compete. Itā€™s tough to find a cornerback that can break on the ball like Ramsey and heā€™s made some really acrobatic interceptions during his career. Even if the receiver does catch the ball Ramsey is also exceptional at ripping it out immediately after. Those plays end up going down as defended passes and you know the other Jaguars players love having a teammate who rattles the other team. Jacksonville should lock the former first round pick up because he recently came out and said that the Titans and Raiders are two teams that appeal to him. If Ramsey signs with a division opponent then Tom Coughlin has failed as Vice President of Football Operations. Thatā€™s the last thing on earth that should happen.

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Jalen Ramsey plays the game with so much confidence.

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