10 Awesome haircuts of Braids with Curls for older women

Make a loose Dutch braid on one side and add disheveled curls.

Boho Dutch Braid

Create a cascading braid with defined curls.

Cascading Braid

A flowing side braid with S-shaped curls will cascade over your shoulder.

 Loose Side Braid

Make a milkmaid braid and a curly bun at your nape.

Milkmaid Braid

Braid the top half of your hair and let the rest wave romantically.

Half-Updo Braided

French One side braid and the remainder into a curled ponytail.

Side French Braid

Leave the hair in abundant curls after a fishtail head braid.

Fishtail Crown Braid

Create beachy, ruffled waves with a side sweep and braid.

Beachy Wave 

Make a braided mohawk on top and spiral curl the sides.

Mohawk braided

Choose a hefty braid with loose curls.

Chunky Braid

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