10 Best East Coast Road Trips for History, Beaches, and Seafood

Boston, Massachusetts to Burlington, Vermont

If you're on the East Coast when the leaves start to change color, a drive through Vermont and New Hampshire will give you some of the most beautiful views of fall.

Boston, Massachusetts to Acadia National Park, Maine

Self-guided walking tours, museum visits, and strolls through Little Italy (in the North End) and historic Faneuil Hall and Boston Common are all terrific ways to see Boston.

New York, New York to Newport, Rhode Island

Spending a few days in Manhattan is the ideal lead-in to a relaxing road trip to a quieter town like Newport.

New York to Washington, D.C.

Depending on traffic and road conditions, this 226-mile trip takes about four hours. To get to New Jersey, take the Holland Tunnel from lower Manhattan. It goes under the Hudson River.

Maryland to Virginia Beach, Virginia

Starting in Baltimore, this East Coast road trip will take you on a long detour from I-95 that passes through a rare coastal landscape populated by wild horses.

Washington, D.C. to Nags Head, North Carolina

After seeing the sights, eating, and learning about the past of our nation's capital, you might be ready to go to the beach.

Charlotte, North Carolina to Gatlinburg, Tennessee

For this scenic East Coast road trip, you'll travel to the heart of Appalachia, starting in Charlotte, North Carolina where you can pay a visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Wilmington, North Carolina to Savannah, Georgia

You can walk along the 1.75-mile Riverwalk, look at the shops, or eat at one of the riverside cafes or restaurants.

Savannah, Georgia to Orlando, Florida

If you want to go to Orlando's theme parks and other sites, you need to get on the road. It might be hard to leave Savannah's squares, parks, restaurants, and riverfront.

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